Auto spare parts dealerships

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Apart from being a car dealer, Benjamin Motors & Services Ltd also has gained its entry level in shipping spare parts of various vehicles to bring together the genuine parts which is not easy to find in the local market. The spare parts hold a special place in the car that gives it a unique code to get any part replaced if it goes astray in its functioning or technically stops working on its own. 


Such dealership has extended the auto spare parts industry in its own fashion and usage and their shipping has been easily made possible to be transported everywhere. It has an extended version of car dealerships that covers the basic pattern of its shipping and selling the auto cars parts outside wherein the cars are sold in reasonable rates.


Benjamin Motors & Services Ltd is a car manufacturer specialized in selling auto cars. The company supply parts of car bodies and auto spare parts to many vehicle manufacturers. Having discovered the huge potential of the auto spare parts in Africa, we have also discovered that only the best will survive in this highly competitive segment. 

Basically, auto spare parts are important accessories; we provide solutions to all your requirements of car and auto spare parts of all big brand cars. Auto spare parts can be made available at affordable and reduce rates. Our product quality will never be compromised but the cost is negotiable.

For over many years, we provide major brands of cars to Nigeria. We continue to bring new brand cars designed to enhance the buying experience. The Benjamin motor is committed to providing a wide range of high quality automotive services.  We have a wide network of dealerships in foremost cities. Our main motive is customer satisfaction and providing tremendous quality. The Company offers a complete range of auto spare parts and cars accessories.  



 Why choose our Benjamin Motors & Services dealership?

• Excellent Service

• Quality commitment

• 100% Guaranteed

• Customer Satisfaction

We have available world class auto spare parts at very affordable prices. We maintained the quality of the spare parts knowing that it is the genuine based products that give cars a long lasting and human satisfaction. 

The Company has certified people who work 24 hours and help the overall manufacturing of any brand auto spare brand cars. We have a great deal of dealership stores throughout Nigeria and Africa which has made it possible to visualize the number of brand cars in an efficient manner. The company as auto spare parts dealer has been providing great deal and satisfactory services meeting customers’ expectation.