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The company also has an extended version of auto car dealerships that covers the basic pattern of its shipping and selling the cars outside wherein the cars are sold in reasonable rates. 

The cars are very well maintained and shipped from factories to respective dealership showrooms. Benjamin motors has acquired dual shipping of the cars i.e. international as well as national shipping which gives the customers a large deco of what needs to be inspected. The cars are hence transported to any dealership house located in the city, state of country. 

Benjamin motors have acquired a great deal of dealership stores throughout Nigeria and Africa which has made it possible for the local person to actually visualize the four-wheelers exercise in an efficient manner.


How auto car dealerships work

Benjamin motors offer a wide range of vehicles, both new and used, to the customer. Our dealerships will work in one of two ways. One is important Consignment. The consignment works is fairly simple way. The company allows dealerships to keep a number of cars on premises. 

In a sort, the auto car dealership sells the car for more than that value and then to pay for the car that has been sold. The car dealerships run the risk of the vehicles getting stolen or destroyed, in that case they would still be responsible for the cost of the car. Second simple method is buying to sell. In this auto car dealership they will purchase the vehicles that they think can sell. The auto car dealership increase leads, and sales of major vehicle brands.

Better dealership for you is:

• Service by Certified Technicians on all brands of cars. 

• Extensively lower service rates.

• Honest staff that is loyal to always putting your need first.

• Friendly certified automobile company.

• 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Benefits of auto Car dealership repair


We have experienced mechanics for servicing all type of vehicle. Dealerships are held to exceptionally high service standards and benefit that comes directly from manufacturers.

• Availability of Car Repair Parts

• Warranty Car Repairs


Generally, the concept of dealerships is to formalize the buying and selling of cars. Benjamin motors will help you find the perfect dealer by searching our huge dealerships. It is the largest online source of new, used, and certified dealer. It is used to move vehicles from the company to the dealerships. 

This includes international and domestic shipping and conducted by dealers, manufacturers, and brokers. We also provide maintenance services for cars, and certified technicians to sell spare parts and process warranty claims. 

Our car dealers sell car from different brands and independent car makers. Our technicians specialized in all vehicles work. Our services and support help automotive traders buy, sell and manage stock successfully.