Car maintenance and repairs

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Benjamin Motors & Services LTD has a team of certified technicians, mechanics who will provide you a huge array of services. We have maintenance and repairs for all types of vehicle brands and leave no stone unturned in making your car newer than before..

We provide all kind of car maintenance job work like car servicing, repair, wheel alignment, balancing, denting and painting job work. Our advanced, well equipped service centers can handle the following types of repairs. Take a glance:

• Replace oil filter

• Change oil

• Inspect drive belt

• Lubricate hinges, locks and latches

• Detect leaks

• Inspect and top up these fluids: Cooling system, Brake, Power steering, Transmission, Windshield washer

• Visually inspect exhaust system

• Lubricate chassis and Transfer case lubricant

• steering system and suspension components

• Visually inspect front/rear wheel drive systems 

• Universal joints and boot


Over the last many years, we have provided all kinds of car maintenance and repairs and pleased our car owners with exceptional customer service as well. In the near future, our company will establish cordial relationships with another major automobile company to enhance the company ability to provide more services. 

Benjamin Motors & Services LTD performs all kinds of car maintenance and repairs service at fair prices. These services include oil changing, plug replacement, cars repair and part replacement etc. they inspect, fill, and clean all aspect of your engine to make sure that your car is safe and will continue to run properly. 

Our certified technicians recommend maintenance and repairs that are needed to keep your car secure. Our maintenance services are designed to extend the life of your vehicle, best of all covered by our comprehensive.

Our maintenance costs are at affordable rates plus giving its customers a special discount to gain more and more benefits. The maintenance is sought on secure basis, the cars are washed and cleaned and then inspected from head to its toe to see hidden faults and the customer is also made to determine the wrong attitude of the automobile thereby diagnosing it eventually. 

The company has very efficient people who wok 24*7 to get the overall work done in fraction of seconds. Moreover, the car is sent back to the customer and is even done on monthly basis, giving various opportunities to people who wish to make use of their old vehicles over new ones. 

Customers are given monthly membership cards so that they can enjoy the benefits of cars in their own way. The next time your car needs oil change, maintenance, service or repair, we invite you to simply give us a try.