Vehicle Security Services & Tracking


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Vehicle security services

Benjamin Motors & Services Ltd manufactures a wide variety of automobiles but due to increasing thefts and the poor security structures throughout, it has distinguished itself in terms of its security exercise by placing a secure side of security system. 

The system in the cars is designed in such a way that any man handling or theft or attempt can be easily detected by a loud alarm system activated to produce sounds to alarm the person. The alarm system has replaced all the earlier alarm systems that failed in their own time. The alarm system is such definite that it can make the car to be in any zone and be safe.

As the leading vehicle security service company you can be assured of a professional, and focused service every time. Our team is the best experienced in the security system and they work hard and give best performance in fast-moving world to provide a safe and secure environment.  


 Our services include comprehensive tracker, vehicle security, fleet management and vehicle/asset recovery services: 

• Tracking: Nowadays, vehicles are complex and to make it simple required digital devices to provide real-world cyber security strategies to head off attacks before they happen. We at Benjamin Motors provide Internet-based access to LIVE vehicle tracking and asset management. Through this system, you will come to know where your vehicles and assets are at all times. Furthermore, this will give you the feasibility to make time and money-saving decisions with a quick glance.

Unlike GPS, the unique signal emitted by the tracking units cannot be jammed by GPS/GSM jammers. This will enable the police to locate vehicles easily and in time even if they are hidden in underground car parks or containers.

 • Fleet management: We maintain one of the largest fleets of best vehicle security system in the region. Our fleet management systems provide data feeds directly to our clients to track everything from servicing schedules, to fuel consumption to driver performance. By using centralized control, detailed forward planning, optimal servicing and 24/7 task tracing, we maintain high fleet availability. Our global tracking and alerting system make our fleet services with a safety enhancing location, risk reducing and reaction capable. 


Features of Our Best Vehicle Security Systems (COM-TRACK) Are: 

• Communication via SMS & GPRS

• External backup GPS antenna connection

• Automatic distance and time based reporting

• Periodic location reporting feature informs you of your vehicle location

• Speed & hard breaking report to eliminate bad driving habits

• Embedded geo-fencing and checkpoint alarms to detect detours and trip progress even without server connection

• Geo-fencing also helps you restrict the movement of your vehicles

• Idle alarm to monitor break times and reduce fuel use by eliminating engine idling

• Extra I/O connections for advanced fleet management (3 connections in, 4 out)

• Engine immobilization via SMS command

• Sensitive motion detection (Anti-theft alarm)

• Audio jack for microphone with remote listen function

• External S.O.S. button to send out location when in need of assistance

• Vehicle power connection with backup battery, tamper alarm and sleep mode to prevent drain


Our team also offers security system for vehicle types:

• Motorcycles

• Construction machinery

• Heavy good vehicles

• Light commercial vehicles

• Passenger cars


Whatever fleet management challenges and opportunities you face, Benjamin motors & services is positioned to provide timely, cost-effective solutions to fit your requirements. We have the flexibility to tailor the project scope according to your unique fleet needs and most stringent quality standards. By remaining sensitive and responsive to our customer’s concerns and needs, we form robust, long term business partnerships with individuals as well as organizations.

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