Tyre Dealership & Manufacturing

Tyre dealership & manufacturing

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Tyres dealership and manufacturing

Benjamin Motors & Services Ltd Company is also in the business of tyres dealership and manufacturing. Tyres are of many sizes and for us we have maintained an elusive dealership which not only gives a proper and genuine material in Tyres Company manufacturing but also provides a good backup in the form of 24 hour services

Tyres are the legs of any vehicle and they are supposed to be maintained for the safety and protection of the driver and passengers in the car. We produce an authentic rubber which gives the tyres a proper inflation over disruptive section. 

We have maintained a powerful dealership which has in a way put more feathers on the cap of our business in the manufacturing and sale of tyres. The Company focuses on the importation of recognized brands of tyres for sale. 

Benjamin motors, registered used tyres company Dealership and we are a world-wide leader in the used tyre industry. You have access to the most popular sizes & brands of quality used tyres with affordably prices, supplied consistently and always delivered on time. Our products meet the tyre manufacture’s recommendations, which are:

• It avoid premature wear of engine

• It increase fuel efficiency

• It reduce emissions

We are one of the leading tyres dealership and manufacturing company, dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers associated with defective tyres. These services include tyre manufacturing, sale and servicing, wheel alignment, tyre changing, and balancing etc. Take a glance of what you must know for safety: 

• Tyre quality: The quality of your vehicle tyres is important, especially if you drive for long distances. Therefore, you should take care of your tyres every time and the right way. It is important to check regularly tyre pressure.

• Wheel Alignment: Incorrect wheel alignment can result in irregular and rapid tyre wear and can even affect the handling and safety of the vehicle. A vehicle that is properly aligned is safer to drive.

• Tyre balancing: if tires are not balanced properly. This can lead to a dangerous situation. Balancing your tyres only takes the mechanic a few minutes and it can save you a lot of stress, time and money.

We offer other services, which include fuel system service, wiper blade, diesel engines and more. We are providing a high quality deal in tyre manufacturing with the help of premium grade rubber materials. 

We are also counted as one of the top most manufacturers of tyres in the region. Benjamin Motors & services Ltd offers include dealership on all types of tyres on whole sale and retail, tyre care, car care etc. We have been able to achieve the aforementioned with the creativity of our technical human resources which is a force to reckon with in the industry.